KVH triplica la capacità delle VSAT in Sud America

KVH is expanding the capacity of its mini-VSAT network in South America to accommodate increasing demand for satellite communications in the region.

The Rhode Island-based provider is upgrading capacity on South American satellite beams, which it says will deliver as much as three times the forward and return link capacity for its VSAT customers.

One of the expanded capacity areas will cover increasing demand coming from the Brazilian offshore oil and gas industry and Amazon boat traffic. A second upgrade will apply to services for the Pacific coast, increasing capacity for merchant vessels operating out of the major ports, as well the continent’s mining industry, centred largely around the Andes.

“Increased merchant activity in South America is dependent on satellite communications to optimise operational efficiency and also help vessels increase their safety and security by means of connectivity from remote locations,” says Brent Bruun, executive vice president of KVH’s Mobile Broadband Group.

“With mini-VSAT Broadband coverage addressing offshore waters and major rivers inland, such as the Amazon and the Parana, vessels now have a safer, more secure way to transport people, equipment, and finished goods within this large continent.”

KVH’s mini-VSAT network consists of 19 Ku-band transponders and three C-band beams.

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